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Spring 2015 Move-in

All incoming students will move-in for spring 2015 on January 11, 2015 from 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Telephone Service


Telephone service is offered as an amenity to residential students who live in Temple University residence halls. Every bed space on campus has one telephone jack for each resident with the exception of Morgan Hall.  University Housing and Residential Life will provide residential students with a touch-tone telephone.  In Morgan Hall, one courtesy landline telephone without voicemail will be provided in each suite for use among all roommates.


With Temple’s telephone service, residential students can
  • receive incoming calls,
  • make free five-digit internal campus calls,
  • make emergency 911 calls (press 9-911), and
  • use a prepaid calling card to make local, toll-free, suburban, long-distance and international calls.
Even if you plan to primarily use a cellphone, cellular phone signals in the residence halls are not always strong and service is not always reliable. In the event of an emergency, you can use the telephone in your room to call 9-911. By doing this, you have the added advantage of having your location automatically passed along to the 911 police dispatcher, which is not the case when using a cell phone.
For questions regarding your telephone service, contact the
Office of Telecommunications:


On campus

  • For Main Campus residence hall rooms, simply press 8 plus the last
  • four digits of the number. (Any Temple number beginning with 777 can have the first three digits replaced with an 8.)
  • For Main Campus offices, press 1 plus the last four digits. (Any Temple number beginning with 204 can have the first three digits replaced with a 1.)
  • For Temple University directory assistance, call 1-7000 or 215-204-7000.

Off campus (local, U.S. and international)

  • To call off campus, you will need a calling card. First press 9 plus 1, then follow the instructions on your calling card. In the 215 area code (where Temple’s Main Campus is located), it is necessary to press 9 plus 1 plus 215 to call all local telephone numbers.
Note: To look up a campus telephone number, go to the Cherry & White Directory at directory.temple.edu. For non-Temple phone numbers, visit one of these websites: whitepages.com, yellowpages.com or superpages.com (combined white and yellow pages).

Emergency 911 calls

  • To make an emergency call, press 9-911 (you must press 9 twice). An advantage of using the telephone in your room is that your location will be automatically passed along to the 911 police dispatcher, which is not the case when using a cell phone.


Voicemail is provided on Temple telephones to residential students, except in Morgan Hall.
To obtain voicemail, log in to getconnected.temple.edu and click the box indicating voicemail is desired. You will receive a confirmation email acknowledging your request. This confirmation message includes instructions on how to initialize your voicemail, as well as a temporary password that you will need for this process.

To initialize your mailbox:

  • Call 1-2010 or 215-204-2010.
  • Press the # key.
  • Enter your five-digit telephone number.
  • Enter your temporary password.
  • Create your own password.
  • Record your name.
  • Create a personal greeting.

To retrieve your messages:

  • From the telephone in your room:
    • Press *5 and enter your password.
  • From any on-campus phone:
    • Call 1-2010, then enter your five-digit telephone number and password
  • From off campus or from a cellphone:
    • Call 215-204-2010, then enter your five-digit telephone number and password.