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Room Change

Temple University students have two options for changing their on-campus housing. 

  1. Room change
  2. Room swap

Room change

There are three room change periods during the academic year. The week prior to each room change, students will need to submit a Room Change Request via Housing On-Demand. During the week of Room Change, students will be required to meet with representatives from the Office of Assignments and Billing prior to starting the room change process.

Learn more about how to change your room at Temple University.

Room swap

The Room Swap Process is an option for students who already booked housing during the annual Housing Selection Process but may be interested in switching their assignments.  Like the annual Housing Selection Process, earlier depositors will be given priority access to available spaces in addition to students who have groups that will completely fill available rooms. 

Room Swap is great for:

  • Returning residents looking to switch their assigned spaces to available vacancies that occur as a result of cancellations
  • Students looking to swap spaces with other students willing to make room changes
  • New students who successfully booked a housing assignment but now wish to relocate with a different student(s) or different location.