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Peer Mentor Position

Please refer to the Resident Assistant and Peer Mentor Selection Process page for more information on the current PM selection process.

We are accepting Peer Mentor Applicants for the following Living Learning Communities: 

  • Engineering Living Learning Community
  • Fox Living Learning Community
  • Global First Year Living Learning Community
  • Global Upper Class Living Learning Community
  • Thrive: Wellness Living Learning Community

What is a Peer Mentor?

Peer Mentors in Residential Life work within Living Learning Communities to serve as an academic and community resource to Living Learning Community residents. Each Living Learning Community requires Peer Mentors to possess different skills and areas of expertise. In general, Peer Mentors should: 

  1. Be leaders among their peers.
  2. Possess a strong awareness of campus resources and services.
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of mentorship to others.

Peer Mentors are representatives of the Office of University Housing and Residential Life and respective academic departments and offices within the University.  Peer Mentors are required to perform the duties and responsibilities outlined below with integrity and dignity. Peer Mentors should hold their service to students, and the standards of Temple University and the Office of University Housing and Residential Life, in the highest regard possible.


The Peer Mentor must be a full-time, matriculated, and confirmed Temple University student in good academic standing (thereby eligible to reside in University Housing) and be at least a sophomore at the time the agreement becomes effective.  In addition, the Peer Mentor must make appropriate academic progress while appointed by:

  1. Completing and passing at least 12 credit hours per semester for undergraduate students, and at least 6 credit hours per semester for graduate students.
  2. Having and maintaining a minimum of 3.0 Cumulative GPA at the undergraduate level and graduate level.
  3. Maintaining a minimum of a 2.75 Semester GPA for any semester (undergraduates only).

In addition to maintaining academic expectations as outlined above, the Peer Mentor may not be on current disciplinary probation or have outstanding bills or conduct fines.  The Peer Mentor must be in good standing with all Offices of the University including but not limited to: The Office of University Housing and Residential Life and The Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards. 

Please contact TULLC@temple.edu with questions and/or concerns.