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GIH Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gender-Inclusive Housing?

Gender-Inclusive Housing (GIH) allows students to live in the same bedroom and share bathrooms with another student, regardless of biological sex, gender expression, gender identity or sexual orientation.


Why is Temple University offering Gender-Inclusive Housing?

GIH was developed to enhance the residential living experience and as part of Temple University’s ongoing commitment to developing a campus community that is welcoming and inclusive.


Is GIH only for students who are members of the LGBTQ community?

No.  GIH is available to any student opting to live in suites or apartments without a gender designation. GIH acknowledges the diverse needs of the student body and further develops a residence hall environment that is positive, respectful and inclusive for all residents.


Which residence halls are available for Gender-Inclusive Housing?

GIH is offered in select apartment and suite accommodations in Morgan North and Temple Towers residence halls for upper-class students, White and 1940 residence halls for first-year students, and Podiatry residence hall for graduate students.  First-year student requests are considered on a case-by-case basis.


Where can I apply for Gender-Inclusive Housing?

Students may request this option through their MyHousing online housing application process.


Will students be randomly assigned to Gender-Inclusive Housing spaces?

No. Students will not be assigned to a gender-inclusive apartment or suite without their request. GIH is optional, and students must request this option through the housing application process.


What if a student no longer wants to live in Gender-Inclusive Housing?

Students who no longer wish to live in GIH may request a room change at any time directly through the room change process. All room change requests are subject to availability of space, and changing residence halls or room type may result in a change in the room rate.


What if a vacancy occurs in a gender-inclusive room?

If a vacancy occurs during the year, the existing resident(s) are encouraged to find a roommate agreeable to living in a GIH space. University Housing & Residential Life will work with current occupants to identify other solutions, such as placement of a student from the GIH waitlist and/or assign a student who has confirmed placement interest in GIH. UHRL may re-designate the room as gender specific if no GIH student can be identified to fill the vacancy.


Will parents be notified if their student chooses Gender-Inclusive Housing?

University Housing & Residential Life communicates assignment information directly to the student. Students are always encouraged to communicate with their families regarding their housing options and preferences. Students under the age of 18 will be handled on a case-by-case basis and will require written consent from their legal guardian.  


How will bathrooms in Gender-Inclusive apartments and suites work?

Students who live together in GIH apartments and suites will discuss and determine how to manage and share their bathroom(s).


Can students live with someone with whom they are in a romantic relationship?

Students are discouraged from living with someone with whom they are in a romantic relationship. 


Who can I contact for more information?

Please contact a University Housing & Residential Life staff member at 215-204-7184 option 5 or housing@temple.edu or visit us at our office on the second floor of 1910 Liacouras Walk, Suite 201, Philadelphia, PA 19122-6027.