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GIH for Returning Students

  1. GIH is offered in select apartment-style accommodations in Morgan North and Temple Towers residence halls. Upper-class students may request a GIH assignment via their MyHousing online housing application process.
  2. A professional staff member from UHRL will contact interested students who completed the GIH portion of the MyHousing online housing application process  and assign students into GIH accommodations based on their request. 
  3. Students may request roommates/suitemates.  Each roommate or suitemate will need to confirm in writing their agreement to be placed in a GIH assignment before it is processed.
  4. Returning/Upper-class students who select GIH on their housing application will be able to roommate match with other students who have chosen to participate in GIH.
  5. Students expressing interest after the June 1 housing deadline will be placed on a waitlist and assigned when GIH space becomes available.