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Klein College of Media and Communication

Klein College of Media and Communication LLC students are able to support one another in their academics, inform each other about Klein's events and opportunities, encourage participation in clubs and activities, and collaborate on projects. Past members have been involved in student government, leadership development, and major-related clubs, such as The Temple News, Temple Update and WHIP Radio. Klein LLC members contribute to an informed and active student body. 


Hardwick Hall
11th Floor

Program Administrator

Tyler DeVice

Learning Outomes

  1. Students will be able to explain and discuss the role of communication in public life.
  2. Students will develop an ongoing relationship with a mentor in a Klein major.
  3. Each student will submit a final reflection on the LLC experience at the end of Spring semester.
  4. Students will collaborate on a media-related community service/service learning project.


  1. Must be registered in the Klein College of Media and Communication.
  2. Participate in all programs sponsored by the Klein College of Media and Communication LLC Program.
  3. Participate in courses as directed by the Klein College of Media and Communication LLC Program including the LLC Section of Klein's Freshman Seminar.


In the event a housing assignment was booked in another accommodation, submitting the request for this LLC will allow University Housing and Residential Life to cancel any bookings made previously in order assign you to this LLC.