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Students with Disabilities

University Housing & Residential Life is dedicated to the inclusion of students with a disability in all activities, programs and services offered by the university. In collaboration with the Office of Disability Resources and Services (DRS), a broad range of housing options have been reserved for eligible undergraduate, professional and graduate students. Student requests for these accommodations must be supported by medical documentation that relates the current impact of a student's disability and/or condition to the request being made. Requests for disability-related housing accommodations are considered on a case-by-case basis and space availability.

Learn more about applying for housing for students with a disability by clicking here.

Policy on providing housing accomodations at no additional charge to qualified students

The University will make reasonable modifications to its housing policies, procedures, and practices when those modifications are necessary to provide access, unless those modifications will fundamentally alter the nature of the housing services provided by the university.

Accessible housing spaces may be assigned to a student who requires the access features in that room, or by students who do not require those access features who may choose the space for other reasons. To better manage charging appropriate rates to students with disabilities, current reservation software requires that we set the space rate which reflects the amenities of the space and then apply credits to students assigned due to an approved accommodation. The credit will result in a student paying the same as a student living in a typical double occupancy space in the same building.

As a result of the foregoing:
1. University Housing and Residential Life's general policy is to assign a student approved for accessible housing to a space with the appropriate access features. Assignments and Billing will then apply a credit to the student's account that will reduce the net housing charge to the lowest rate for a similar shared space in the facility (with the exception of overbook lounge rates). 
Example: student assigned a single apartment in 1300 that is required due to a disability. Although the initial charge will be for the single room rate, the student will be credited so that the net charge to the student will be a standard occupancy apartment rate.

2. The general policy for single space accommodation as advised by Disability Resources and Services is to accommodate an approved disability through the closing of the accompanying bedroom space (if a traditional single is not otherwise available) and charging the student receiving an accommodation the double occupancy rate; not a single space rate or a charge for both spaces.

Charges to a student's account will initially reflect the typical room rate of the given space. Necessary credits will be applied manually as soon as practical after the housing charges originally post to ensure the student's charges reflect the typical double occupancy space rate.

Housing Selection Process For Students With Disabilities

  1. Begin the housing application on MyHousing (Log into MyHousing via the TUportal).
  2. During the housing application process, students can apply for specialty housing which includes housing ADA accommodations. 
  3. Students must submit any supporting medical documentation to the Office of Disability Resources and Services for their review and approval. Returning students only need to re-submit paperwork in the event their condition has changed.
  4. Recommendations for requests that include all required paperwork will be forwarded to the University Housing Office within three (3) weeks of receiving these documents.

Returning Students

  1. Each year, students are required to reapply for University housing which includes specialty housing requests.
  2. The option to request specialty housing for returning students is from Monday, December 11, 2023 through Monday, January 29, 2024.

New Students

  1. The option to request specialty housing for new students is from Monday, January 29, 2024 to Wednesday, May 1, 2024. 
  2. Students can follow the guidelines for medical documentation outlined below on the DRS website at: Office of Disability Resources and Services.  
  3. Students must be approved by the Office of Disability Resources and Services to be eligible for housing related ADA accomodations. To confirm that you have been approved for these accommodations, contact DRS at (215) 204-1280.

Housing Accommodations

The University Housing & Residential Life staff carefully selects room layouts from their inventory to accommodate students with a broad range of disabilities. 

Accommodation Spaces Available:

  • Single and double wheelchair accessible rooms
  • ADA compliant accessible bathrooms w/grab bars
  • Roll-in showers with chair and/or bench
  • Keyless entry door systems in designated rooms
  • Rooms with kitchen facilities
  • Rooms equipped with strobe light for hearing impaired
  • Single rooms to accommodate personal care attendant services
  • Emergency call buttons in designated areas
  • Use of approved durable medical equipment
Residence Halls with ADA Accommodations

The following residence halls contain spaces that have been designated as accommodations on reserve for students with disabilities:

Selecting a Roommate

Students requesting disability housing accommodations will have the option of adding roommates to fill their unit if space is available or if applicable due to their request.

Contact the University Dietician

Requests for any flexibility to the standard university meal plan due to disability or health concerns must be reviewed by the department of Disability Resources and Services on a case-by-case basis.

Students can take these steps to make their needs known.

  • Register with the Office of Disability Resources and Services
  • Submit copy of medical documentation to the Office of Disability Resources and Services

Recommendations are forwarded by the Office of Disability Resources and Services to the Office of University Housing and Residential Life.

Students seeking specific information regarding food allergens and/or dietary concerns can contact the University Dietician, Gaia Di Giacomo through e-mail at DiGiacomo-Gaia@aramark.com.