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Healthy Lifestyles

The Healthy Lifestyles LLC is designed to help students transition into college in a healthful way. In partnership with the Wellness Resource Center (WRC), this LLC has the opportunity to participate in various wellness-focused programs, ranging from topics such as mental well-being and resilience, nutrition, fitness, stress and time management, healthy sleep and more. Many students choose this community because they value living with like-minded peers who share the same interests, passions and goals regarding academics and a holistic healthy lifestyle. Often, students in the healthy lifestyles LLC move on to participate in the HEART Peer Education class with the WRC and work to promote health and well-being around campus.



Morgan North

Program Administrator

Brittany Robinson

Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will explore resources on Temple's campus and the surrounding community to become more knowledgeable about comprehensive health and wellbeing.
  2. Students will develop a personal holistic wellness philosophy that will support the individual academic and social experience.
  3. Students will have the opportunity to learn how to improve their personal wellness by participating in a variety of programs provided by the Wellness Resource Center and campus partners. 


  1. Participate in Wellness Resource Center sponsored activities  
  2. Enroll in the 1-credit University Seminar Course offered through The Healthy Lifestyles LLC.
  3. Encouraged enrollment in PH 2304 – Health Teaching Techniques for Peer Educators during the Spring semester.


In the event a housing assignment was booked in another accommodation, submitting the request for this LLC will allow University Housing and Residential Life to cancel any bookings made previously in order assign you to this LLC.