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Room Rates

Approved rates for 2017-2018 Undergraduate housing as of March 13, 2017.
Peabody rates listed below are current year rates only.  Peabody Hall will not be available for 2017-2018.

Main Campus

Room Rates by Residence Hall
Residence Hall Room Types Semester Rates Summer Rates
Johnson HallSingles$4,378 
 Doubles and Triples$3,876 
 Overbooked Lounges$3,733 
Hardwick HallDoubles$3,876 
 Overbooked Lounges$3,733 
Morgan Hall NorthSingles$6,898 
 Four-Person Apartments$5,632 
Morgan Hall SouthSingles$6,898 
 Four-Person Apartments$5,632 
 Five-Person Apartments (Single Room - Unit A)$5,861 
 Five-Person Apartments (Double Room - Unit B)$5,529 
 Five-Person Apartments (Double Room - Unit C)$5,632 
James S. White HallTwo- and Four-Person Suites$4,277 
1940 Residence HallTwo- and Four-Person Suites$4,441 
Temple TowersStandard$4,760 
1300 Residence HallOverbooked Lounges$4,355 
 One-Person Studio Apartments$6,030 
 Two-Person Studio Apartments$4,569 
 Two- and Four-Person Apartments$5,000 
 Two- and Four-Person Suites$4,454 

Please note that the rates below for Beech International Village and the Edge Avenue North are for the 2016-2017 academic year and include telecommunication charges.

All University Housing and Residential Life residents in all locations will be provided basic telephone and broadband Internet access as part of their room assignment. Residents must bring their own telephones, computers and cables. Calling outside the University will require a calling card. Residents will be required to "Get Connected" to activate telephone access, voicemail and Internet access. 

ROOM RATES for Beech International Village are as follows:

  • 2-person suite is $5,400 per semester (Daily rate of $50) 
  • 1-person suite is $6,300 per semester (Daily rate of $58)

ROOM RATES for Edge Avenue North are as follows:

  • Shared suite is $3,350 per semester (Daily rate of $31) 
  • Junior suite is $4,245 per semester (Daily rate of $39)
  • Single suite is $4,500 per semester (Daily rate of $42)

Podiatric Student Residence Complex

Room Rates

Approved rates as of March 17, 2016 for the Podiatric Student Residence Complex include electric, water, heat, cable TV and University telephone access. Please see the chart below that describes the differences among the three bedroom types in our Two- and Three-Bedroom apartments.

Room Rates by Residence Hall
Room Types Semester Rates Summer Rates
Podiatric Student Residence ComplexEfficiency Apartment$5,991 
 1 Bedroom$6,799 
 2 Bedroom (Standard Bedroom)$4,599 
 2 Bedroom (Large Bedroom)$4,989 
 2 Bedroom (Deluxe Bedroom)$5,298 
 3 Bedroom (Standard Bedroom)$4,599 

Room Dimensions Grid

The Graduate Room Rates for Podiatry Housing have been set based on square footage of individual bedrooms. The chart below represents all of the apartment styles in Podiatry Housing.

Graduate Room Rates for Podiatry Housing Dimensions
Apartment Type 9/10'x13' 9'x16' 11'x16' 12'x16' 13'x21'
Efficiency Apartment        
One Bedroom Apartment        
Two Bedroom Standard        
Two Bedroom Large        
Two Bedroom Deluxe        
Three Bedroom Standard