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Room Rates

The below chart shows the "PROPOSED" standard room rates for University Housing for fall 2023/spring 2024.  Approved rates for the 2023-2024 academic school year will be published in July, 2023.  

Main Campus

Room Rates by Residence Hall
Residence Hall Room Types Semester Rates Summer Rates
Johnson HallDouble$4,608 
 Quad Lounge$4,448 
Hardwick HallDouble$4,608 
 Quad Lounge$4,448 
Morgan Hall NorthSingle - 1 Bedroom Apartment$7,925 
 Double - 2 Bedroom Apartment$6,597 
Morgan Hall SouthDouble - 2 Bedroom Apartment$6,597 
 Double B – 3 Bedroom Apartment$6,480 
 Double C – 3 Bedroom Apartment$6,597 
 Single A – 3 Bedroom Apartment$6,872 
 Double – 1 Bedroom Apartment$6,977 
James S. White HallDouble$5,188 
1940 Residence HallDouble$5,334 
Temple TowersDouble$5,766 
 Double - Large$5,984 
 Double with Bath$6,261 
 Single – 2 Bedroom Apartment$7,685 
1300 Residence HallDouble$5,386 
 Double - Studio$5,575$48
 Double - Apartment$6,053$52
 Quad Lounge$5,271 

Podiatric Student Residence Complex

Room Rates

Approved rates for the Podiatric Student Residence Complex include electric, water, heat, cable TV and University telephone access. Please see the chart below that describes the differences among the three bedroom types in our Two- and Three-Bedroom apartments.

Room Rates by Residence Hall
Room Types Semester Rates Summer Rates
Podiatric Student Residence ComplexSingle - Efficiency Apartment$6,817$45
 Single - 1 Bedroom Apartment$7,632$50
 Single Standard – 2 or 3 Bedroom Apartment$5,373$35
 Single Large – 2 or 3 Bedroom Apartment$5,795$38
 Single Deluxe – 2 or 3 Bedroom Apartment$6,134$40

Room Dimensions Grid

The Graduate Room Rates for Podiatry Housing have been set based on square footage of individual bedrooms. The chart below represents all of the apartment styles in Podiatry Housing.

Graduate Room Rates for Podiatry Housing Dimensions
Apartment Type 9/10'x13' 9'x16' 11'x16' 12'x16' 13'x21'
Efficiency Apartment        
One Bedroom Apartment        
Two Bedroom Standard        
Two Bedroom Large        
Two Bedroom Deluxe        
Three Bedroom Standard