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Fall 2018 Move-in

Learn more about new and returning student move-in.

Campus 101

Mailroom and Post Office

Each residence hall has a mailroom at which students may receive letters and packages. You should receive either a key or a combination to your assigned mailbox during check-in. Larger packages are delivered and can be picked up at each residence hall's front office. It is important that the room or apartment number is included on all lettersĀ and packages.

On Main Campus, there is a UPS Store in the lower level of the Student Center where you can buy stamps and send express mail and regular packages. Mailing supplies can also be purchased in the adjoining bookstore.

To send mail or a package ahead of time, please visit Mail Services section to get mailing addresses for on-campus residents to ensure proper delivery of mail or packages.

Buying Textbooks

There are many ways to go about buying books, but remember to budget wisely. Books can be expensive, and you should expect to spend between $300 and $500 per semester. Some students like to buy their books right away, so they can get better rates on used books. Some students prefer new books and buy them before classes start. Others will wait until classes actually meet before purchasing books so that they buy only the books they absolutely need. The University Bookstore has several locations throughout Temple University's campuses. The bookstore accepts Diamond Dollars, which is a convenient way to purchase books.

Using Diamond Dollars

Information on the Diamond Dollars program is sent to students in July. Diamond Dollars is a debit system that uses your OWLcard almost anywhere on campus (including in washers and dryers) to access deposited funds. In case of a lost OWLcard, report it immediately to the office at 215-204-3140 or at www.temple.edu/diamonddollars, so the money can be frozen on the account until a new OWLcard can be activated for you.