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Starting Your Search

Finding suitable housing for your needs is possible- the whole city of Philadelphia is at your fingertips!

Location, Location, Location

The best way to start off searching for a house is narrowing down where you want to live. Many Temple University students choose to live inthe neighborhood surrounding Temple University, but there are other options to consider. Use our interactive map feature found on our homepage to discover which neighborhood is right for you!


After deciding which area you want to focus on in your search, the ever important question of budget comes up: How much are you willing to spend? When calculating this figure, here are some factors you should consider:

  • The cost of utilities: Although sometimes overlooked when budgeting, utilities such as electric, water, internet and gas can add a significant cost to your monthly expenses. In the winter and summer months specifically, the costs tend to rise due to the costs of heating and air conditioning.
  • Transportation: If you choose to live an area other than one that is within walking or biking distance to campus, transportation becomes an important factor. Do you have a car, and if so, where will you park it when you come to campus? Don't forget about adding in gas, insurance and car maintenance into your budget! If you are planning to use public transportation, the cost of tokens or a monthly pass needs to be considered. Visit the SEPTA website for information on Philadelphia's public transportation provider.
  • Other housing costs: Do you plan on buying new furniture for your new house, or are you hoping to get something already furnished?
  • Renters insurance: It is highly recommended, and in some instances required, that students purchase renters insurance.

We suggest you view, print and complete a budget worksheet. There is a lot to consider in terms of cost, and we don't mean this to be a deterrent! However, evaluating what your monthly costs may be can save you a lot of anxiety in the future!

Finding Available Properties

In Person

There are places available for rent every day in this city. If you are located close to the Philadelphia area, we suggest coming down and simply walking around the area you want to live. Not only will you get more familiar with the area, but you may also run into a few "For Rent" signs while you are at it. You can also walk around campus to search for postings on bulletin boards in buildings, and throughout Liacouras Walk. Also, be sure to join us during our Off-Campus Living Fairs held once a month in the Howard Gittis Student Center.

The Internet

Other options include starting your search online. Here are some links you may use to find housing:

Many students have had success in using these websites for housing:


Another great way to find places is by asking around! Know someone who goes to Temple? Perhaps they have experience with a great landlord or property management company that they can recommend to you. People associated with Temple are everywhere--- ask around!