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Emergency Notification

TU Ready


Take charge of your well-being and be ready for whatever life throws at you.  TUready refers to the University emergency preparedness program, which includes everyday readiness, emergency procedures, and TUalert emergency notifications.
There are a number of important steps you can take to be TU Ready.
1. Get emergency information. TUalerts are used to communicate emergency information when there is an immediate threat to the community and when a change of behavior is required (e.g. “avoid the area” or “lockdown”). TUalerts area also sent by email and are posted on the university’s twitter feed @TempleUniv.  Make sure your phone is registered to receive TUalerts by SMS text message. Go to TUportal and enter your cell phone number in your personal contact information. If you do not live in a residence hall, update your local address.  Add TUalert as a contact in your cell phone. This allows you to immediately identify when you are receiving a TUalert. You cannot call this number directly.
MOBILE NUMBER: 215-777-7777
TEXT ID: 24639
TUsiren: If you hear the outdoor warning siren, you should seek shelter indoors immediately. The TUsiren is used when there is a very serious incident occurring on campus and either a Shelter-in-Place or a Lockdown procedure is in effect. TUalerts will give you more information.
2. Know what to do. When it comes to preparedness, knowledge is power. Taking a few minutes now to familiarize yourself with emergency procedures can help you get through an emergency. Go to
www.temple.edu/TUready for more information.
Evacuation: Leave immediately when the fire alarm sounds. Do not use elevators and look for anyone who may need assistance to safely exit the building. Proceed to the fire exit and go to the outside Rally Point for more information.
Shelter-in-Place: Seek immediate shelter indoors, away from windows, and remain there during an emergency because outside conditions are unsafe. Be sure to wait until the area has been deemed safe again.
Lockdown: Secure yourself inside the building and do not leave until the situation has been resolved. Stay calm and quiet. There may be an immediate threat to the building occupants.  All Clear is the message that will be sent once emergency personnel have investigated the scene and determined that the area is safe and normal behavior can resume.
For more information about emergency notifications and what you can do to be TUready, visit temple.edu/tuready.