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Roommate Matching

Finding a roommate can be one of the most challenging parts of the housing process. However, at Temple, we pride ourselves on offering tools to help you succeed. We understand that as you transition from high school to college, the need to find a compatible roommate is crucial to your decision-making process.
RoomSync is an application that allows you to choose your roommate according to lifestyle preferences. Approximately 24 hours after you pay your housing deposit, you will have access to RoomSync.
How to access and use RoomSync (after it opens in January 2018):


  1. Pay your Housing Deposit
  2. 24 hours later, an RMS ID is created for you by UHRL. Students who have not paid the housing deposit will not have access to RoomSync.
  3. Download the RoomSync app in the iTunes App Store or Google Play, or click this link from your desktop: https://app.roomsync.com
  4. Follow the prompted steps to join Temple University Network and your appropriate subnetwork
  5. Enter RMS ID when prompted - RMS ID is received from MyHousing portal
  6. Setup your profile with lifestyle preferences, academic majors, your social accounts and more
  7. Browse through and message potential roommates
  8. Send roommate requests or accept roommate requests
  9. Go to MyHousing and pull in your roommate (or your roommate pulls you into their selection)

View the RoomSync App