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Frequently Asked Questions

What Services Does The Office Of Maintenance Operations Provide?
The Office of Maintenance Operations provides basic building maintenance services, including cleaning public and common areas and general building repairs. We also oversee and coordinate renovation and reconstruction projects in the residence halls.

What Is The Average Completion Time For A Maintenance Request?
All work requests are prioritized, with safety and health issues receiving the highest priority. Depending on workload, lower priority requests may take longer to be addressed. Some requests also reveal facility issues which are beyond the scope of Housing Maintenance Operations. In these situations, we must then submit a work request to Temple University's Office of Facility Management (OFM) or an independent contractor. The delays in completion are directly associated with the scope of work and their ability to secure the needed materials in a timely manner.

Why Can't A Maintenance Worker Repair Something When I Report Something To Them Verbally?
Maintenance Direct will track all work requests. This provides us the ability to respond to and address ongoing problems, evaluate trends, maintain a history of activity, and assess each building's needs and demands. Verbal requests aren't entered into the system, which renders them nonexistent in terms of record keeping and accountability. We believe the documented request system improves our effectiveness and efficiency.

Why Does It Cost $50 To Replace A Lost Key?
Lost keys present a safety and security risk, forcing us to replace the lock core and cut new keys to match. If the key is to a suite, there are two cores to be replaced, one for the suite entry, and one for the resident's room. Approximate cost of materials, is shown below, with the range representing the differences between existing and upgraded systems:

How Do I Follow-Up On A Maintenance Request?
Visit the Maintenance Direct Web Site

How Can I Send A Message Of Thanks Or Praise?
Send an email to hsgmaint@temple.edu or contact the central maintenance office at 215-204-2284.

What Should I Do If I Think There's A Mouse In My Room/Suite/Apartment?
Maintenance Direct, our online work request system. There is a pest control technician daily, Monday - Friday to respond to requests, and provide preventative measures.

Listed below are some rodent facts, followed by suggestions on how to minimize the likelihood of rodent intrusion:

  • Common field mice only weigh about an ounce and are able to get into any opening that is a quarter-inch wide. They're also excellent climbers and can easily get around a building by moving through pipes or holes in the structure
  • A combination of several factors, including construction, colder weather, unnecessary clutter, can encourage mice to overstay their welcome, especially in residence halls. Propped doors, piles of junk or food containers and old furniture are all appealing invitations for mice
  • Store food in secure plastic containers
  • Wash dishes and cooking utensils immediately after use
  • Eliminate clutter and laundry on floors

How Can I Help Keep The Building Clean, Safe And Presentable?
While we understand the time constraints full time students are under, cleaning up after ones self makes everyone's environment more pleasant. Don't hesitate to pick up litter in the hallways, lobbies and lounges, and please don't leave your trash for someone else to pick up.

If you see something that needs repair, submit a maintenance request. Even if it's not in your room, suite or apartment, it's in the building where you live. Community quality of life is determined by the community.