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Start a New LLC

Based on the increased demand and popularity of our Living Learning Communities Program, a number of departments, administrators, and students have approached us about forming new communities. A detailed proposal to form a new community is required for any community to be considered.

A new Living Learning Community proposals should contain the following:

  • Name of proposed community
  • Type of Living Learning Community you are proposing (academic, thematic, or special interest) and why
  • Department/unit co-sponsoring program
  • Department/unit representative and contact information
  • Description of community
  • Three to five learning outcomes for program
  • Three to five learning opportunities for program
  • What is the targeted student population (i.e., first-year, returning, mixed)
  • What is the targeted size of your community
  • What assessment strategies would you employ to measure learning and success
  • Financial support department/office is able to contribute

All inquiries regarding future proposals should be submitted via email to LLCPrograms@temple.edu.