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Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion

Inclusion Statement:

Residential Life promotes an environment for the exploration of differences in our residents’ identitites, values, beliefs, and backgrounds. We strive for members of our community to develop a conscious awareness  of self and others within diverse populations through the acceptance and inclusion of differences.


Leadership and Inclusivity Vision:

To prepare students and staff to be effective leaders in an increasingly global and diverse society.


Social Change Impact:



  1. Your Costume, My Culture
  2. Red Lounge
  3. National Coming Out Week
  4. Black History Month Panel
  5. Baltimore - Closer Than You Think


  1. Facilitation 101
  2. Diversity 101 module
  3. So You Think You’re an Ally?
  4. The Do’s and Don’ts of Ally-ship
  5. Programs in a Box
  6. Keep it Real Game
  7. Safe Zone


  1. Dinner Dialogue Series
  2. Brown Water, Brown Skin
  3. Power & Privilege program
  4. Current Events - Student Activism on College Campuses


  1. Mental Health
  2. Religion & Spirituality
  3. Relationships


  1. The Youth Attic
  2. IDEAL
  3. WRC
  4. Leadership
  5. CLA

By Attending, Participants will:

  • Connect the experience to their role - deepen comprehension of diversity, challenge & support students, advocate for others.
  • Take personal responsibility to learn more - read alternate perspectives, research issues, assess arguments based on facts.
  • Self Reflection - critically think about own perspectives, allow for dissonance, manage own worldview and possible triggers.
  • Continue the Conversation - participate in conversations and dialogues with others in varying stages of development, engage in unfamiliar/uncomfortable topics, gain confidence through participation.
  • Engage with our community - take action, understand other’s perspectives connected to Social Justice, recognize individual impact on larger society