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Lockout Procedure

Room keys or key cards are issued to assist in resident safety and the security of a resident's possessions. Residents are urged to keep their room keys or key cards in their possession at all times. Keys should never be loaned to another individual.

If a key is lost, the resident should report the loss to the front office staff or residential life staff immediately. The student will be issued a temporary key while a lock change is completed. A new key will be issued to the resident when the lock to the unit has been changed, and the resident's account will be assessed a $50 flat fee.

Residents residing in "1300" and "Morgan Hall" are issued a key card for access to their suites or apartments. If the key card is lost, the student's University account will be assessed a $20 fee for a new key card. If a resident is locked out of their room, they should wait for their roommate to return to gain admittance. If a resident needs more immediate access to their living area for emergency reasons, they may contact the front office or the resident assistant on on-call. There is a $10 lockout fee. Individuals will not be let into another person's room by University Housing & Residential Life staff under any circumstance.