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Inspections and Room Maintenance

Authorized Temple personnel may, with probable cause and without notice enter a student's room to determine whether the student is complying with the terms of the license. The University may require a resident to vacate a room immediately if deemed necessary. Authorized Temple personnel may also enter a student's room to perform cleanliness checks or safety inspections in order to deal with potential health, sanitation, or safety concerns. Such personnel may enter a student's room when they believe that emergency conditions may exist or when it is believed that a threat to the health and safety of individuals exists (e.g., fire, student needing medical assistance, etc.). Authorized personnel will confiscate any item that may reasonably present a safety concern.

University Housing's maintenance staff has the right to enter all student rooms without advance notice to make repairs or to perform preventive maintenance. The staff will leave a copy of the maintenance request, which will indicate the repairs made or parts needed. All personnel are instructed not to unnecessarily disturb personal property. Outside contractors will be escorted by a University representative.

With the exception of emergency conditions, potential policy violations, safety inspections, cleanliness checks, maintenance repairs, or when it is believed that there is probable cause or a threat to the health and safety of individuals, Housing staff have been instructed not to enter student rooms unless one of the following conditions exists:

  • Room resident is present, or
  • Written permission has been secured in advance from all individuals residing in the room, or
  • When a resident has created an unreasonable noise disturbance (i.e., alarm clock, stereo, TV, etc.) and fails or is not present to respond to staff's request to discontinue the noise. Under these circumstances, the staff may enter a student room for the purpose of stopping the noise and will document the incident.