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Parents & Families

Welcome to Temple University’s residence halls. It is our pleasure to have your student as a member of our residential community. The residence halls are a vibrant and exciting part of campus life here at Temple. The diversity of our staff and student body provides opportunities for student’s personal growth while at Temple.

Your student is no longer a guest at Temple University.  They are a resident and with that comes the opportunity to take the time and meet the amazing and different people of their building’s community; explore the campus community and community of Philadelphia; to access to resources in their building to be successful in the classroom – computer labs, tutoring; study in their room or the lounge within their building; and feel safe in their room and in the building.

Through partnership with the university community, we are committed to providing quality programs, services, and facilities for students in a caring, responsive and efficient manner that reflects the highest standards of Temple University.

What is my role as a parent/family member?
This is a transition for the whole family, not just the student entering college.  Don’t forget about younger siblings, keep a countdown of when your student will be leaving for college, but also when they will be returning home.

  • Keep in touch.  Encourage siblings to keep in touch with one another – care packages are great ideas! But a simple card, email, instant message or campus visits can accomplish this too!
  • Encourage your student.  Communicate with your student, be willing to listen to their experiences, provide encouragement.  Encourage them to participate in Welcome Week activities, residence hall and campus activities, get to know their resident assistant and meet people on their floor.
  • Trust them.  Yes, they may stumble along the way, but that too is part of the learning process.  Finding oneself is a difficult and sometimes challenging enough process without feeling that the opinions of those you respect most are second-guessing you.  Ask questions and offer advice, but also tell them you trust them to make the best decision.