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Tenant's Rights and Responsibilities

What are your rights as a tenant?

  • Fair housing
    • A Clean, Safe place to live
    • A building that is structurally sound
    • Adequate heat
    • Hot and cold running water
    • Properly draining bathroom equipment
    • A functioning stove
    • Properly locking doors
    • Properly locking windows that work
    • No rodent/insect infestation
    • Smoke detectors/fire extinguishers/fire escapes
    • Prompt repairs by property owner/manager
  • Privacy from intrusion or harassment from the landlord
  • To make complaints to governmental authorities regarding violation of rights without retaliation
  • Move out when necessity arises due to legitimate reasons
    • The tenant continues to be responsible for rent until a new tenant is found
  • Have the landlord make a diligent effort to mitigate damages
  • Have property seizures, lock-outs, or evictions only in accordance with established legal procedures
  • Have a lease that guarantees these rights in writing

What are your responsibilities as a tenant?

  • Use the dwelling for residential purposes only
    • Not for business or commercial
    • Not for illegal activity
  • Only the people written on the lease may live in the property
  • Pay all rent and bills for which you are responsible
  • Keep the dwelling safe and clean, notify landlord of any damage to property
    • You must pay for damages caused by your actions or the actions of a guest
  • Dispose of all trash and other waste in a clean and safe manner
  • Use electrical, plumbing and heating facilities in a safe and careful manner
  • Do not destroy, deface, damage, alter or remove any part of the premises
  • Do not change locks to the premises without written permission from property owner, who must have access to the premises at all times, in case of an emergency
  • Conduct yourself in a way that does not disturb others, and ensure that your guests do not disturb others
  • Report all problems with the apartment to the property owner/manager
  • Leave the apartment clean and in a condition similar to the one at the beginning of the lease
  • Provide proper written notice of intention to terminate or renew lease