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Set up essential services for your new home!

Cable, Internet, and Phone Services

There are various providers you can use for these services



Comcast offers digital cable, internet, and phone service. Comcast also offers these services in bundles for those that are looking for more than one service.

To request service

  • Online: select package desired, follow instructions.
  • By phone: call 1-800-COMCAST (1-800-266-2278) 24 hours a day.
  • In person:
    11400 Northeast Ave, Philadelphia - 215-673-6600
    1 Comcast Ctr, Philadelphia - 215-286-1700
    FL 11E, 1500 Market Street, Philadelphia - 215-665-0629



Offers FIOS internet, cable and phone services. Verizon also offers these services in bundles for those that are looking for more than one service, but not all areas are able to receive FIOS. Check with Verizon to see what is available to you!

To request service

  • Call 1-800-640-4155, toll-free, in Philadelphia only. If you are outside of Philadelphia, call 215-571-7050.
  • Call Monday through Friday, 8:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M. and Saturday, 9:00 A.M. - 1:00 P.M.
  • You can request telephone service over the phone or via website. Verizon recommends that you request service via phone.
  • Sometimes, you may also be asked to fax to 1-800-834-4484 copies of the following:
    • Two pieces of ID (one of them a valid picture document: driver's license, passport or student ID)
    • The lease (landlord's name and telephone number), if you are a foreign student.

Charges can be billed over a 6 or 12 month period. Telephone services will start within three business days. While Verizon Fios internet may not be readily available within all areas of the city, some townships surrounding Philadelphia may be able to receive this service. Service availability can be checked by address on the Verizon website.


There are a variety of other companies that provide services. Although Verizon and Comcast are the most common, they are not your only options! Satellite dishes, and other smaller phone/internet providers do exist and can be a more economical choice. Do your research!

Electric Service

PECO Energy


To set up service

  • Online: If applying on line, you should fill in the application at least 5 days prior to the date that you want service on. You will be notified via e-mail when your application has been accepted.
  • Phone: To apply by phone, call 1-800-494-4000.

If you need to report emergencies, call the office number during office hours and call 1-800-841-4141, after 5:00 P.M.

Gas Service

Philadelphia Gas Works


You can apply for service by phone, 215-235-1000, or in person at the following locations:

A table of Temple University Gas Services.
Office Location Days of Operation Hours of Operation
Center City 1137 Chestnut Street Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9 AM - 5 PM
Frankford 4410 Frankford Avenue Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9 AM - 5 PM
Germantown 212 West Chelten Avenue Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 9 AM - 5 PM
North Philadelphia 1337 West Erie Avenue Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 9 AM - 5 PM
South Philadelphia 1601 South Broad Street Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 9 AM - 5 PM
West Philadelphia 5230 Chestnut Street Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 9 AM - 5 PM
*Note: If applying in person, bring a copy of your lease, two forms of identification, and your social security card.

Water Service

Although most landlords included the cost of water in the rent, this is not always the case. Set up your water service or get more information by clicking here: