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Early Per Diem Room Rates

Room Rates by Residence Hall
Residence Hall Room Types Per Diem Rates
1300 Residence HallOverbooked Lounges$4,529$42
 One-Person Studio Apartments$6,271$59
 Two-Person Studio Apartments$4,751$44
 Two- and Four-Person Apartments$5,200$49
 Two- and Four-Person Suites$4,632$43
Temple TowersStandard$4,950$46
1940 Residence HallTwo- and Four-Person Suites$4,585$43
James S. White HallTwo- and Four-Person Suites$4,448$42
Morgan Hall NorthSingles$7,002$65
 Four-Person Apartments$5,717$53
Morgan Hall SouthSingles$7,002$65
 Four-Person Apartments$5,717$53
 Five-Person Apartments (Single Room - Unit A)$5,949$56
 Five-Person Apartments (Double Room - Unit B)$5,612$52
 Five-Person Apartments (Double Room - Unit C)$5,717$53
Johnson HallSingles$4,520$42
 Doubles and Triples$4,002$38
 Overbooked Lounges$3,854$36
Hardwick HallDoubles$4,002$38
 Overbooked Lounges$3,854$36