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Extended Housing Policies

Students Eligible For Occupancy Extensions

University housing occupancy extensions for students living in the residence halls will be granted only for students who need temporary housing for University reasons or to assist with travel arrangements.

University-related reasons include:

  • Students with an academic reason to remain on campus
  • Student with an athletic commitments
  • Students with on-campus work responsibilities

In each case, a University administrator must request permission on behalf of the student. Many students with a need to be on campus have already been assigned to facilities that remain open during break periods.

Guest Policy

The University's residential guest policy is in effect during all break periods. Guests will only be permitted in residential facilities that remain open over the break.

If an administrator needs to be contacted in the event of an emergency, please refer to the Residential Life Duty Schedule. Emergency staff will be available throughout the break and will be conducting room checks.

Right To Search Accommodations And Security Procedures

The professional staff will be permitted access during the break period to all residential areas for University related business. All persons entering the residential complexes, including University personnel, must use their ID card to gain access.

Emergency Contact Information

In case of an emergency, please contact the RA on Duty in your building.

Buildings That Remain Open During Breaks

1300, 1940, White Hall, Temple Towers, Beech International Village, Edge Avenue North, Morgan Hall, and the Podiatry Residential Complex.