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Spring 2019 Move-in

Learn more about new and returning student move-in.

Before You Arrive

Move In Schedule

  • To learn about the specific day and time students are permitted to move onto campus, students will need to log into MyHousing and select Room Self Service.
  • Specific check-in dates and times based on students' housing assignments for the semester are displayed.  
  • It's important to note that as the schedule changes frequently, up-to-date, official check-in information can only be found online in MyHousing via the Self-Service button.


Move In Tips

  1. Tips to Make Packing Easier
  2. QUIZ: Do You Know What is Allowed in Our Residence Halls?
  3. Moving from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia
  4. Our Guide to Navigating Campus


More Information

Mandatory Meningitis Vaccine

Pennsylvania State law requires all college students to receive information about meningitis/meningococcal disease and the vaccine, and either to receive the vaccine before coming to college, or sign a waiver.

Completing the Meningitis Form

To complete the Meningitis Form, please click on the My Online Student Health button located on the Student Health Services webpage.

This will take you to the Online Student Health login page. Use your accessnet username and password to log onto the system. This is the same information you use to sign onto your Temple E-mail. If you are unsure of your credentials, please click on the "Accessnet Username and Password" link located underneath Welcome to My Online Student Health!

On the left hand side of your screen, underneath the Home icon is a link for the Meningitis Form. Click on "Meningitis Form" to open it. Please read the information, scroll down and choose either the waiver or immunization option at the bottom of the form then hit the "Submit" button. A window will pop up to confirm your Meningitis Form Submission. Click on OK then Log-off to exit Online Student Health.

Meeting Your Roommates BEFORE Move-In

We strongly suggest you contact your roommate(s) before you arrive at Temple University. There are many things to discuss and coordinate, and living with a new person or group of people in a new place can present challenges. You and your roommates may become friends right away, or it may take some time. Getting a head start on that relationship can make things easier in late August.

8 Reasons to Contact Your Roommate Before Move-In

6 Habits to Follow for a Successful First Year wtih Your Roommate

Conversation Starters

The following are a few conversation starters that are helpful when you contact your new roommate(s):

About You

  • hometown, family life and friends
  • favorite school activities
  • intended major at Temple
  • whether you’re a morning person or a night owl
  • clean or cluttered
  • music, movie and TV preferences
  • willingness to loan things (such as computers, clothes, a car or money)
  • feelings about overnight guests
  • if you’re working during college
  • what you’re like when you’re feeling down
  • what amuses and annoys you
  • how you like to relax
  • what you’re like when you first meet people

Roommates will not agree on everything, and that is okay. Having a basic understanding of each other's needs helps build a foundation for a good year together. In fact, the university encourages residents to complete a roommate agreement within the first few days of moving on campus in an effort to establish a mutual consideration of roommate preferences. The Resident Assistants (RAs) on your hall may also help you and your roommates with the transition to university life. RAs are students who live with you in the residence halls at Temple and are trained to assist roommates with concerns or conflicts.

Despite all this preparation, keep in mind that sometimes room or roommate assignments change from your initial assignment through Move-in Weekend because of cancellations. Up-to-date assignments and roommate information is available on MyHousing. We encourage you to check the site throughout the summer for any changes.

What's In Your Room

Every student is provided their own:

  • bed frame and mattress
  • dresser
  • desk and chair
  • closet or wardrobe

Other amenities include:

  • All windows have shades, curtains or blinds.
  • Student rooms are not carpeted.
  • Traditional and suite-style residence hall units are not equipped with cooking facilities. These locations have common-area kitchenettes with sinks, countertop space and microwaves and/or stoves.
Bed Dimensions

The University has two standard-sized bed in its residence halls:

  • STANDARD TWIN bed - 75" by 39"
  • STANDARD TWIN bed - 75" by 32" (Edge Avenue North)
  • EXTRA-LONG bed - 80" by 39"

Bed sizes by buildings:

  • Residents of 1300 Residence Hall and Beech International Village will have a STANDARD TWIN bed.  The Standard Twin at the Edge Avenue North Complex is 75" x 32".
  • Residents of 1940 Residence Hall, Morgan Hall, Johnson & Hardwick Halls, White Hall, or Temple Towers Apartments will have a EXTRA-LONG bed

Rooms will have either the standard twin or extra-long beds.

Room Dimensions (Approximate)

Single Rooms

Single rooms are typically 8' x 10'.

Double Rooms and Suites

Double rooms or bedrooms in two- or four-person suites are between 10' x 12' and 12' x 14'.

Triple Rooms

Triple rooms are between 14' x 14' and 14' x 16'

Apartment Bedrooms

Bedrooms in apartment units vary between 10' x 10' and 12' x 16'

Apartment Living Rooms

Living rooms and dining areas in apartment units average 11' x 22'

Information for Beech Residents

For additional details pertaining to check-in at Beech International Village, review the Beech Move-in Instuctions, Beech Move-in Packet and/or contact Beech International Village by phone at (215) 765-3134, via e-mail at oxfordvillagemanager@ambling.com or online at http://www.beechinternationalvillage.com/.