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Room Change Process

Room Changes are permitted at any point during the academic year.  There are three main room change periods during the academic year: Fall, Mid-Semester, and Spring.  Each week prior to these periods, staff will be available to assist students through the process of conducting a room change.  During the regular academic year, students should consult with their Resident Assistant (RA) and Resident Director (RD) about the process for conducting a room change.

Students are required to meet with their building administrators, such as the Front Desk Manager, RA, and/or RD, to properly check-in and check-out of their spaces.

General Dates For Room Change Process During the Academic Year:

Fall 2018

  • Students can submit Room Change Requests at any point during the semester beginning on Tuesday, September 4
  • Room Change meetings begin September 10, 2018

Mid-Semester, Fall 2018

  • Students can submit Room Change Requests until November 12, 2018
  • Once the Spring 2019 Housing Process begins, Room Changes will no longer be available.

Spring 2019

  • Students can submit Room Change Requests at any point during the semester beginning on Monday, January 14
  • Room Change meetings begin January 17, 2019
  • Students can submit Room Change Requests until May 3, 2019

Note: Room Change meetings are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis

Important Information About Changes In Housing


Every semester, a number of students assigned to rooms in the residence halls do not report to the halls. In anticipation of a certain number of these “no shows” and attrition, and in order to accommodate as many students as possible, it is University Housing & Residential Life’s practice to assign some students to floor lounges as temporary assignments.

A number of newly admitted students may be temporarily assigned (overbooked) in floor lounges in “1300”, “1940”, Johnson and Hardwick Halls on the Main Campus (four students per lounge).

Students who remain overbooked through the end of fall semester will be permitted to remain in their overbooked location for the remainder of the license period or request a room change.

Room Consolidation

University Housing has the exclusive right to consolidate resident rooms in order to maintain occupancy and accommodate additional students in University housing. In units where vacancies exist, a resident may be asked to relocate to a similar room within University housing.

Consolidation may occur within the same residence hall or between residence halls, but not between campuses or between a campus and Temple-sponsored housing sites. The Office of University Housing and Residential Life will incur the telecommunications connection costs assessed by the Office of Telecommunications when a student is required to consolidate in a Temple-owned residence hall.

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