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Housing Selection


Important Dates

  1. Monday, December 11, 2023: Housing Application will open for all undergraduate students (new, returning, and transfer) 
  2. Monday, February 12, 2024: Housing Selection will open for returning students
  3. Wednesday, May 1, 2024: Admissions deadline. Students are encouraged to apply for housing by this date
  4. Wednesday, May 1, 2024: Deadline for all Specialty Housing Applications: Housing for Students with Disabilities, Gender-Inclusive Housing, and LLC Programs  
  5. Friday, May 3, 2024: Deadline for approved NEW students to self-select LLC spaces
  6. Monday, May 13, 2024: Housing Selection will open for new and transfer students who submit their housing deposit and apply for housing by May 1, 2024. 
    Housing Selection appointment times will be issued and available throughout the week of May 13 and be determined based on the date and time students submit their housing deposit AND complete their housing application.  The sooner this is done, the better. 

Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions of the Housing License and Dining Services Agreement precedes the Online Housing Selection process and students enter into a legally binding contract for the full academic year upon securing housing. As soon as you book a room for yourself, you are immediately and automatically under contract with UHRL.

We highly suggest that students and their families read the Terms and Conditions to fully understand our expectations. 

Housing Deposit

Housing is guarenteed for students who submit their deposits by May 1.  Paying the housing deposit does not guarantee a housing assignment.

If you pay the housing deposit and do not live on campus, the deposit will be credited to your tuition account. If you'd like that deposit as a refund,  complete the online cancellation form for the upcoming academic year (in accordance with the cancellation schedule in the housing license).

Housing Selection Steps

Using your accessnet username and password, sign into MyHousing (https://TEMPLE.starrezhousing.com/StarRezPortalX)

Newly admitted undergraduate students can activate their Accessnet username by going to http://accounts.temple.edu.  You must have your Accessnet username and your pin (sent via mail) available before accessing MyHousing.

Learn more about applying for housing by watching the Apply for On-Campus Housing Video.

Complete the online housing application by following these steps:

  1. Sign the housing license.
  2. Verify your emergency contact information.
  3. Fill out your student profile.
  4. Create a roommate group (optional).
  5. Pay the $250 housing deposit.
  6. Apply for specialty housing (optional).
  7. Select your housing assignment.
Finding Your New Housing Assignment and Roommate(s)

Step One

This is the landing page that you will see when you log into MyHousing. To find your room assignment for the next academic year, you must click on the MyHousing logo at the top.

























Step Two

You will directed to the main landing page of MyHousing. In the left column, you will see your name and your booking information for next year (if you have a booking).



































Step Three

To find your Next Academic Year Roommates, the person(s) you want to live with must have already booked a housing assignment. Click on Continue Application button for the next academic year.
























Step Four

Then you must scroll down to the drop down box and select "Room Selection/Room Change."  After that is selected, click "Save Choice and Continue" button. 

























Step Five

On the Room Selection/Room Change page the Fall 2019 room assignment will appear under the Bed column and Occupant name will appear under the Occupant column. If your roommate is listed as "-Occupied-" instead of their name, it means the student has a privacy flag on their account.  If the Occupant column is empty, then it means there is no roommate currently booked in that space. 








































Step Six

If the privacy flag is not checked off and you can see their names, the you are able to send an email message to the roommate.  In this example, you can see that only one roommate has the privacy setting turned on and there is no "Send Message" under the Contact column but all the other roommates can be messaged.